Party Time: Lake Geneva Kitchen Walk


In the summer of 2013 I was invited to participate in the Kitchen walk in Lake Geneva, WI. I was one of seven chefs that created a culinary sampling for 300 guests that tour through seven estates on the waterfront of beautiful Lake Geneva. Some of the other chefs in attendance were Chef Ben Janssen from Abbey Springs, Chef John from Lake Geneva School of Cooking, and The Executive Chef from Lake Lawn Resort. What an amazing opportunity! I met so many wonderful people, and I was able to cook in the kitchen of the grandest estate Hillcroft. The best part was that we raised a lot of money for the Walworth County Food Pantry.

My estate theme was for me to create a tasting that was vegetarian – quite a challenging order when I had so many other items I wanted to show off! I came up with rosemary skewers with marinated mushrooms, olives and cheese, and I created tomato soup topped with a tomato basil grilled cheese with a peach reduction glaze. For dessert I decided on frozen chocolate grapes. So many people made a point to tell me that they heard that my estate was the location that was a must-try tasting because it was so amazing! I could not have been more proud to participate in such a fun event!