Questions to ask a Personal Chef


Before hiring your Personal Chef to prepare meals that will nourish your family, be sure to ask these questions:

What is your cooking background?

Knowing how the chef acquired his or her cooking skills will help you determine whether it’s a good match for your needs.

How does your service differ from other personal-chef services?

Look for answers that illustrate a high quality of ingredients, sound food-safety practices and menu creativity.

Do you have liability insurance?

You need to know that if the rare, but unfortunate accident happens while the chef is cooking in your kitchen, that the chef has proper insurance to reimburse you. APPCA offers unrivaled liability insurance to its membership. Click here to learn more. General Liability Insurance.

Are you affiliated with a professional organization?

This question will help you weed out the amateurs from the professionals. If the personal or private chef belongs to an organization such as APPCA, you know three things to be true about the chef:

  • he or she is a true professional, following high culinary standards as well as sound business practices
  • he or she is interested in continuing education, constantly evolving and growing to bring you better service
  • he or she is plugged into the latest trends, research and expertise that the industry has to offer.

Do you have any references?

Anyone you’re considering hiring should have testimonials from contented clients. They should be eager to share them with you.

May I view a sample menu?

A professional personal or private chef should jump at the chance to showcase his or her recipes. They should be a great source of pride for the chef. Not only can you measure the chef’s passion by how eagerly he or she responds to this question, reviewing the sample menus will give you a good measure of the chef’s style of cooking.