Special Diets


The truth? Learning what we really need to know about what we have created as the standard American diet with the crazy amount of processed food and how it affects us can be quite challenging, and really, sometimes disheartening. Woohoo, we can no longer eat all the good food that we love, right?

Whether you’ve made a lifestyle choice, have a specific dietary need or food allergy, you may want support to learn all the ins and outs of your special diet. Chef Debi can help. In fact, Chef Debi specializes in special diets. With top notch experience with many diets including gluten-free, heart-healthy, weight-loss, diabetes, vegetarian and vegan, she will:

  • Sit down with you to understand your dietary requirements
  • Work with your nutritionist, if necessary
  • Get to know your likes and dislikes
  • Help you explore your options
  • Create meals for you that are tasty, healthy, with everything you need AND everything you don’t

Let Chef Debi be your partner on your food journey, and show you that there are fabulous meals to be had on any special diet. Contact Chef Debi today to learn how she can make following your new diet a breeze.