Weekly Meal Service


Eating right never tasted so good. With Meals Like Mom’s Personal Chef Weekly Meal Service, you can enjoy gourmet meals and properly sized portions without feeling like you’re on a diet. Chef Debi will help plan your meals, customize recipes using fresh ingredients and prepare delicious and healthy dinners in a licensed commercial kitchen, and deliver them right to your door. All meals contain an entree, include an appropriate side dish and vegetable, which makes a fantastic well-balanced meal, beating out any of your other alternatives such as dining out, take out/delivery, or a TV dinner. Meals are prepared for yourself or your entire family. That’s what makes a Personal Chef Service “Personal.”

A Personal Chef is the perfect option for:342-just-for-you-ad

  • Busy professionals
  • Families on the go
  • Seniors who struggle with daily tasks
  • Single parents who regularly hit the drive-thru to answer the “What’s for dinner” question
  • People with special dietary needs or restrictions
  • People who want to eat healthy, but struggle with the overwhelming amount of research and willpower required to stay on track
  • Someone who is temporarily disabled due to injury and can’t get around as easily during their therapy
  • Someone who cares for an elderly parent but is unable to be there every single day
  • People who don’t know how to cook or just don’t want to cook

Plans include weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or occasionally. This service also makes a great gift for any of your busy friends and relatives or someone who is simply looking to make a lifestyle change. Order a gift certificate today!


Weekly Meal Service Testimonial – Victoria Cook

After cancer treatment my mother-in-law struggled to stand for any length of time and cook due to side effects in her hands and feet from chemotherapy. She was turning to fast or processed foods instead of having healthy meals. Not living close to her made it a challenge for us to help her.

Chef Debi’s weekly meal service was a huge help to us all. She was able to provide my mother-in-law with weekly meals that were tasty AND healthy. Chef Debi took the time to find out her preferences and accommodate her medical and nutritional needs. It was also a huge time savings since Chef Debi does the shopping too! But what mattered most was she had meals that were good for her and could aid in her recovery.

I highly recommend Chef Debi and her meal services for anyone looking to put healthy tasty meals on the table for their family!